RealtyShares is a marketplace for commercial real estate investing (Kickstarter meets Lending Club for Real Estate). The US Commercial Real Estate Market is approximately the same size as the US Stock Market (~$11 Trillion) yet access is a night and day difference.  There is no readily accessible marketplace for investing in real estate like there is for stocks, and that is what we are setting out to change with RealtyShares.  


Our Value Proposition:

Our core value is Access.  Access to Capital for Real Estate Investment Managers and Access to real estate investments for Investors.  Via RealtyShares, best-in-class Real Estate Investment Managers looking to raise capital for real estate opportunities can connect with and raise capital from Investors looking to invest in those opportunities.  All investing activity (i.e. document execution, fund transfers, etc.) will happen via our platform thus making the process paperless and efficient.

Investors:  For investors, we provide access to commercial real estate investments.  Although real estate is a great way to diversify a portfolio consisting of stocks, mutual funds bonds and the like, many investors don’t have efficient access to real estate. With RealtyShares, investors can passively invest smaller amounts directly into pre-vetted real estate investments and achieve a truly diversified investment portfolio.

RE Investment Managers:  For Real Estate Investment Managers, we provide a platform for branding, marketing, connecting with investors and most importantly, raising capital.  Real Estate Managers doing $2 million to $20 million of deal volume annually are often too small for large institutional investors and have difficulty maintaining deal flow.  Many of these Investment Managers are scattered over 1,000’s of websites and other online channels with no real visibility to grow their non-institutional investor network.  RealtyShares will change that by providing reputable Managers that have a proven ability to execute a defined strategy and geographic focus with a centralized platform to market themselves, their strategies and their investment offerings.  

RealtyShares is currently in private beta but will be live in the next few weeks.  We will update you as soon as we are ready to go.