15 Top Bloggers To Meet At FinCon Masters San Francisco

Editor’s Note: Not heading to the SF edition. Check out our list of New York bloggers.

FinCon is a premier conference for financial bloggers, media and startups to connect, learn, share and explore topics related to money and online media. The annual conference started in 2011, and has grown to attract some of the greatest thought leaders and personal finance minds from around the world. This year, FinCon is adding three new events called FinCon Masters, designed to bring in elite attendees for a more intimate, advanced-level experience. The San Francisco event does not look to disappoint! Here are 15 of the top people you want to know at FinCon Masters San Francisco.

Paula Pant

Paula Pant is one of a small group of speakers at FinCon Masters San Francisco. Known for her blog, Afford Anything, Paula and her mantra that “you can’t afford everything, but can afford anything” have struck a chord with readers around the world. Paula is a thought leader in smart budgeting, real estate investing and building a business that can operate while you travel the world. Connect with her and learn more at Afford Anything.

Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee organizes the annual FinTech competition at FinCon, and has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on with money-focused startups across Silicon Valley. Bobby’s blog, 2 Minute Finance, has been around since 2008 with a focus on personal finance. You can also find him hosting videos at Money Crashers, on the Young and Oldish Money Podcast with Barbara Friedberg, and the E’Ville Eye blog focusing on his hometown of Emeryville, California. His strong background in media earned him the emcee role at FinCon Masters.

Nick Loper

Nick Loper thinks you can earn a lot outside of your 9–5 day job, and founded Side Hustle Nation to bring like-minded hustlers together. This site has been a breakout success over the last year, putting Nick at the forefront of the side hustle movement. Nick maintains a blog, podcast, a very active Facebook group and a 50,000-member email list. He focuses on helping his community find legitimate, trustworthy opportunities to turn downtime into dollars.

Lee Huffman

Travel blogger at Bald Thoughts, Lee recently transitioned his blog from a solo enterprise to a part of the elite BoardingArea travel blogging community. Lee is a very active blogger and social media presence, notably in his Travel More. Spend Less. Live Better. Facebook group. Located in Southern California, Lee maintains a full-time job in banking while running dual side hustles in real estate and travel blogging. But he isn’t home very often — you are more likely to find him in an airport on the way to his next exciting destination, and odds are he paid pennies on the dollar to get there thanks to travel hacking.

Chris Peach

Chris is the founder of MoneyPeach, a blog and podcast all about — you guessed it — money. The Arizona-based blogger has a dedicated following who purchase his courses, follow him on social media and tune in to his weekly online live training sessions. These mini webinars have helped launch Chris to a new level of success, and his trajectory shows no signs of slowing.

Deacon Hayes

Another Arizona-based blogger, Deacon runs Well Kept Wallet, where he helps readers manage debt and budgets, and manage money as a couple. Deacon’s story began with paying off $52,000 of debt in 18 months. He shared his story online and found many kindred spirits looking to his story for inspiration and guidance.

John Rampton

Founder of Due.com, John Rampton is a voice for the payments startup community across the web. The entrepreneur’s contributions can be found in publications including Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, Mashable, TechCrunch, Time, Fortune, CNN, Fox News, ABC News and more. The Salt Lake City native is a regular public speaker and online marketing influencer. Due.com is a business focused on helping online business owners get paid with invoicing and digital wallet tools.

Jay Fleischman

Jay Fleischman does not fit the typical finance blogger profile because he is not a typical finance blogger. The student loan and bankruptcy attorney is host of the Student Loan Show, a podcast about managing and paying off student debt. Located in sunny Pasadena, California, this attorney has been featured as an expert on a range of national media outlets, has 20 years of experience and is reaching out to a community of student loan borrowers who are in crisis trying to manage their debt.

Zina Kumok

Freelance writer Zina Kumok burst into the FinCon scene with a five-minute talk at Ignite FinCon in Charlotte in 2015. As the owner of Debt Free After Three, Zina shares her story of paying off $28,000 of student debt in three years on a $30,000 income. But she makes quite a bit more now writing for a variety of publications. She has a journalism background and had covered sports and other topics before committing to personal finance, where she specializes in saving, retirement and loans.

Casey Flemming

Casey Flemming has nearly 40 years of experience in the real estate industry. The former appraiser-turned-mortgage lender is based in San Francisco and has authored the book The Loan Guide. He runs a blog of the same name. Casey is a recognized expert in the mortgage industry. Through his company, C2 Financial Corporation, he continues to originate new loans and broker real estate transactions throughout much of the United States.

Yulin Lee

Yulin Lee is the woman behind Project M – Money and Mind. Yulin focuses on helping independent, entrepreneurial, and recently divorced women take control of their money and their lives. Through coaching, blogging and live events, Yulin reaches a wide audience of women, many of whom have joined her Project M community.

Andrea Amir

Smart Money Chicks is an online project from Andrea Amir, an experienced real estate agent and mortgage banker on a mission to help women take charge of their money. Growing up in Las Vegas with a mother working in the casino industry, Andrea knows the exact value of a dollar and how quickly some people are willing to throw their hard earned dollars away. Readers at Smart Money Chicks learn about everything from managing debt to mastering investments, and they have a great guide with Andrea at the helm.

Bill Dwight

Bill Dwight is the founder of FamZoo, a website designed for families to “prepare their kids for the financial jungle.” The education system does a terrible job of preparing young people to manage their finances as an adult, and Bill jumped in to help solve the problem. FamZoo offers apps and debit cards for parents and children to learn to manage money responsibly. With early banking experience, kids are much better prepared to manage their money as adults.

Dan Kadlec

Best known as a journalist at both Time and Money, Dan Kadlec is author of three books and founder of Right About Money. With over 30 years of industry experience, Dan is a true expert in financial topics and media. Dan recognized that finance education resources exist, but are disjointed and can be challenging to find and work with. At Right About Money, his goal is to connect organizations around the world with data and content that can help everyone succeed.

Karen McCall

At Financial Recovery, Karen McCall aims to help people turn a bad money situation into a holistic and healthy relationship with money. Through a blog, training sessions, online classes, and connections with real life financial counselors, Karen helps women master their finances. USA Today, Woman’s Day, Entrepreneur, and Money are just a few of the publications to take notice.

Bonus: Phillip “PT” Taylor

At the back of the room, you are likely to find Phillip Taylor, better known as PT. The founder of FinCon does not yearn for the spotlight on stage as many attendees and speakers. Instead, PT focuses on building a strong community of money experts and enthusiasts together both online and offline. If you get a chance to meet the de facto leader of the financial media community, don’t pass up the opportunity.

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