20 Top Bloggers To Meet At FinCon Masters New York City

Editor’s Note: Not heading to the NYC edition. Check out our list of San Francisco bloggers.

FinCon Masters is a new event series produced by the team behind FinCon, the premier conference for financial blogging and media. Launching this year in San Francisco, New York City and London, the event aims to bring together elite and experienced financial bloggers, podcasters and content creators for advanced sessions and networking. If you are lucky enough to be headed to the New York City event in June, make sure to maximize your time at the conference by connecting with these top industry influencers.

Farnoosh Torabi

Longtime personal finance media personality Farnoosh Torabi has been on camera in front of millions on shows like Today, Good Morning America and The View. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, The New York Times and other media outlets. She now runs the award-winning podcast So Money. Farnoosh is one of the featured speakers at FinCon Masters New York.

Jordan Goodman

Finance media veteran Jordan Goodman is billed as “America’s Money Answers Man.” Jordan has authored 13 books on financial topics and spent nearly two decades on staff at Money Magazine. With regular appearances on The View, Fox News Network, Fox Business Network, CNN, CNBC and CBS Evening News, Jordan is a trusted voice in the busy world of financial media. You can find his writing in various publications, including his website, Money Answers.

James Altucher

If you have not heard of James Altucher, you are in for a treat when he takes the stage at FinCon Masters. James has founded or co-founded more than twenty companies. He has 13 published books and is managing director of Formula Capital. He has written for a variety of media outlets, including TheStreet.com, The Financial Times, Seeking Alpha, Daily Finance and TechCrunch. He is a successful investor, media personality, author, podcaster and more. Be sure to say hello to James at FinCon Masters.

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox

Lynette has a background in journalism, and leveraged that background to become a trusted name in personal finance. A weekly guest on the Russ Parr Morning Show, a nationally syndicated radio show, she became entrenched in financial media after taking a job at Dow Jones & Company as a Wall Street reporter. She has also worked at the Wall Street Journal and as an on-air talent at CNBC. She is author of six finance books. Lynnette blogs at her website, Ask The Money Coach.

Andrew Fiebert

Andrew Fiebert is the “Chief Nerd” at Listen Money Matters. The Listen Money Matters blog and podcast focus on all things money, ranging from income and debt management to owning rental properties. With a team of 12 contributors, Listen Money Matters has grown into a top destination for people to “manage [their] money like a badass!”

Tom Drake

Tom Drake is a longtime staple in the FinCon community. Tom runs the Canadian Finance Blog, one of the most recognizable sites for Canadians to manage their money, as part of his empire at Drake Media. While he still maintains a full-time day job as a financial analyst, he is recognized as an expert in online business. Through partnerships with other bloggers, Tom has built a reputation as an expert of the business behind a successful blog.

Stephanie McCullough

Stephanie McCullough is founder of Sofia Financial, a woman-focused destination for financial information online and financial services offline. Whether women want a one-time session or an in-depth financial advising relationship, they can find it at Sofia Financial. As a leader in the growing financial segment targeting women, Stephanie is a name to remember in the finance industry.

Scott Alan Turner

Scott Alan Turner brings rockstar flair to finance. Through his website and podcast, Scott blogs about getting out of debt, increasing savings and retiring rich. He admits he was not always so financially savvy, but by opening up about past mistakes he has built a following due to his open, relatable style and his refusal to accept any advertising of any kind. And when he’s not blogging, he really does play in a rock ’n’ roll band.

Toni Husbands

Toni Husbands is the woman behind Debt Free Divas, a blog and podcast focused on helping women get out of debt and take control of their personal finances. Noting on her “about” page that 76 percent of American households are living paycheck to paycheck, Toni has a goal to create a community to support each individual as they progress on their debt freedom journey. After paying off $107,000 in debt in seven years, she went to the web to share her story and built a strong fan base looking to her for guidance to do the same thing.

Kirk Chisholm

Kirk Chisholm is a principal at Innovative Advisory Group. As a financial advisor, Kirk has an inside view into many unique personal finance situations, and has built an online presence around providing answers and commentary on common but perplexing financial topics. Coming down to New York from his home in Massachusetts, Chisholm runs a fee-only advising practice. He and his company have been featured in major publications like The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg Businessweek, The New York Times, Boston Magazine and The Boston Globe. If you want to meet someone with real-world finance expertise, Kirk should be at the top of the list.

Lacey Langford

Military money life coach Lacey Langford is a personal finance blogger, speaker and life coach with roots in the United States military. After growing up as an “Army brat” moving around the world, she joined the Air Force and married another military member. She draws on her history with the military to help other military families overcome unique money challenges that come with military service.

Emilie Burke

Emilie Burke blogs at Burke Does, a personal finance and lifestyle website. Having lost 100 pounds, she promotes a message of both physical and financial health to her growing audience of dedicated followers. Burke is a founding member of Tech Ladies, a community of 10,000 women focused on improving the position of women in the tech industry.

Claudia Pennington

Claudia Pennington is a digital marketing and SEO specialist. She runs a training website at SEO Audit Guide, where she helps bloggers and online marketers of any background reach a larger audience through smart search engine optimization. Claudia leverages her online community to help people pay off their debt and move toward a life of self-employment.

Gyutae Park

Gyutae Park is a member of the team at Money Crashers, one of the biggest personal finance websites in the world. Gyutae drew on his extensive digital marketing background to catapult Money Crashers to national attention, with features in The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes and MSNBC. The site has an email list of over 75,000 followers, so it’s safe to say that when Gyutae and his team speak, people listen.

Moshe Rosenblum-Amsel

Moshe Amsel spends part of his day as a sales engineer, but he is best known online for his work at DreamBuilder Financial. DreamBuilder is a blog and company dedicated to helping business owners manage accounting, bookkeeping and business strategy. With a focus on coaches and online business owners, Moshe’s company helps businesses that reach everyday consumers grow and thrive.

Melisa Boutin

Melisa Boutin knows a thing or two about student loans. She worked hard to pay off her student debt and now wants to help others achieve the same financial success. Recognizing that a degree is not the guaranteed path to riches it once was, Melisa helps readers at Your Money Worth leverage their degrees to get out of debt and obtain the life of their dreams.

Jason Reposa

Serial entrepreneur Jason Reposa is founder and CEO of MyBankTracker, a website that tracks bank, credit card, and loan interest rates so consumers always know they are making the best decision. Additional website features and guides help people choose the best account for their needs, even if it is not the best interest rate on the market. By empowering consumers to make the best financial decisions, Jason and his team are making a serious impact to better people’s finances.

Priya Malani

Priya Malani started her career at Merrill Lynch before co-founding Stash Wealth. Stash Wealth is a company that helps individuals, couples and entrepreneurs master their finances with programs focusing on reaching their own goals, consolidating and simplifying their financial lives, and building plan they can follow to achieve those goals. Through a custom-tailored plan, Stash Wealth staff help people learn about finance while getting on a path to a better financial life.

Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson is an online marketing and website guru who has reportedly made millions online. He is an active blogger, podcaster, and author of “Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger.” After experimenting with click ads, affiliate marketing and more, he has developed a brand and resources around helping others achieve the same level of online income and success.

Stephanie Genkin

While spending 15 years at CNN and contributing to Money magazine, Stephanie went back to school and earned a Certificate in Financial Planning at NYU and her CFP designation. She now works as an adjunct instructor at NYU and runs financial workshops around New York. She also blogs about money at Brokelyn, a cleverly named blog about being broke in Brooklyn.

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