2017: A Growth Year for RealtyShares

Disruption in the commercial real estate industry hit a fever pitch in 2017. We saw a change in the tax code, an increase in funding for real estate technology companies, and a shift in business models from traditional commercial real estate firms as they adapted to the sharing economy – just to name a few. RealtyShares continued to gain momentum as a leading real estate technology company serving a growing audience of investors and real estate partners. In the last four years, we have deployed over $700 million to more than 1,000 real estate projects in 39 states. In 2017 alone, investors made 18,000 investments on the platform and received $23 million in earnings*.

This growth wouldn’t have been possible without the investments and strategic decisions we’ve made to deepen our focus and create more value for our customers. Last year we raised $28M in Series C financing, sold our residential debt origination business to Lima One, and welcomed Ed Forst as CEO. These milestones have given us momentum coming into the new year.

2018 is poised to be an even bigger year of change. Commercial real estate investors and sponsors are faced with changing tenant dynamics and customer demographics along with a growing need for more data. RealtyShares is well positioned to help investors capitalize on these changes and help our real estate partners finance more projects than ever before.

We are excited by the opportunities ahead, and looking forward to helping our investors and sponsors build greater wealth through real estate in 2018!

* Real Estate investing carries risks, including loss of capital. Past results are not indicative of future performance.  Figure does not include other investments that may have been deemed non-performing during the year.

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