60 Bloggers to Meet at FinCon17 in Dallas

FinCon is coming up next month in Dallas! One of our favorite annual events, FinCon brings together top bloggers, podcasters, and media personalities from the world of finance. From fun speaking events like Ignite FinCon to high-quality keynotes, breakouts, and networking sessions, FinCon is a don’t miss event for anyone looking to connect with financial-focused audiences online.

For RealtyShares blog readers who may not be attending Fincon, here are sixty bloggers that I’m looking out for when I land in Dallas for the October event.

The Penny Hoarder – Kyle Taylor

The Penny Hoarder is reportedly one of the biggest personal finance sites on the web. With over 7 million subscribers and fans, The Penny Hoarder landed at #25 in the 2017 Inc. 500 list. The Inc. 500 ranks the fastest growing companies, and The Penny Hoarder grew 9,396% over the last three years to $20.5M in revenue. Founder Kyle Taylor is a person you don’t want to miss at FinCon.

Money Crashers – Gyuate Park and Andrew Schrage

Group blog Money Crashers is owned and managed by Gyutae Park and Andrew Schrage. The long-time FinCon community fixture helps readers of all ages strengthen their finances. With more than 100,000 email subscribers, Money Crashers has extensive reach to a huge community.

BiggerPockets – Josh Dorkin

BiggerPockets is a massive online real estate property with a popular podcast, blog, and forum. If you are looking to earn through real estate, one of your first stops on the web should be BiggerPockets. The active community boasts 843,000 members representing more than 20,000 businesses. With nearly 3 million forum posts and over 14,000 blog posts, there is little you can’t learn about real estate from this powerful community.

Wisebread – Greg Go and Ashley Jacobs

Wisebread is another site that has been around longer than FinCon itself, and it has always made a point of building deep ties to the personal finance blogging community. Wisebread focuses on helping families manage their budgets and overall personal finances. Co-owner Greg Go and community manager Ashley Jacobs will return for FinCon17.

Money Under 30 – David Weliver

David Weliver has spent over a decade building Money Under 30, a top personal finance site for 20-somethings and Millennials to learn about everything from debt payoff to investing to buying a first home.

Good Financial Cents – Jeff Rose

Military veteran Jeff Rose founded his blog and financial advising firm around the same time, and both have led to success. Good Financial Cents hosts a wealth of personal finance information presented in a friendly, understandable manner.

The College Investor – Robert Farrington

The College Investor started as a project where founder Robert Farrington would analyze and discuss stock investments online. The site has grown into a personal finance media empire helping young people do everything from manage debt to save and potentially earn more money.

The Work at Home Woman – Holly Reisem Hanna

The Work at Home Woman is a top destination for women looking to boost their income through part-time and full-time positions at home. Stay-at-home moms and women who want to take control of their lifestyle make up an enthusiastic following of this site, led by Holly Reisem Hanna.

Dough Roller – Rob Berger

Rob Berger runs Dough Roller, helping readers make the most of their money. This site focuses on helping to choose the right financial accounts and how to manage your money through a great blog, podcast, and other useful tools and calculators.

Wallet Hacks – Jim Wang

Jim Wang rose to personal finance blogging fame through his old site, Bargaineering. After selling the site for reportedly seven figures, he re-founded his online personal finance presence at Wallet Hacks. With multiple successful online projects under his belt, Jim is both a possible expert and veteran in the FinCon community.

Investor Junkie – Larry Ludwig

Investor Junkie is a site build on extensive reviews, comparisons, and educational opportunities. No matter where you are on your personal finance journey, Investor Junkie has tools and resources to help find the financial products for your needs and put them to the best use.

Financial Mentor – Todd Tressider

Todd Tressider was a financial coach before the cool kids were doing it. At Financial Mentor, Todd offers extensive, high-quality resources and coaching to help readers build their wealth through tried and true investing and money management principles.

Lauren Greutman

Formerly blogging at I am THAT Lady, Lauren Greutman is a master of the media. Now blogging at LaruenGreutman.com, this lady runs a community and media empire focused on helping families get out of debt and live on a budget.

Scott Alan Turner

FinCon’s rockstar in residence Scott Alan Turner is both a musician and finance blogger. Having reportedly made his first million through smart debt payoff and money-saving techniques, he shares what he learned along the way to help transform readers into financial rock stars, following in Scott’s steps to get there.

New Retirement – Steve Chen

Steve Chen is the man behind New Retirement, a blog and financial planning resource that includes the opportunity to work directly with New Retirement financial advisors. With useful content for anyone saving for retirement, this site garners a plethora of traffic and fans.

Side Hustle Nation – Nick Loper

For some, side hustles are the new retirement plan. Nick Loper unites those looking to earn more outside of their day job at Side Hustle Nation, where he hosts both a blog and podcast. This site is in the midst of a breakout year growing its vibrant, engaged community.

Investment Zen – Nate Tsang and Han Chang

Nate Tsang and Han Chang teamed up to create Investment Zen. This site is filled with useful articles on investing, real estate, credit cards, and more and contains detailed and useful reviews of popular investment platforms and products.

Mad Fientist – Brandon G.

Mad Fientist is part of the financial independence/retire early (FIRE) blogging movement. He was able to leave his job at a young age thanks to extreme budgeting and savings, and a year in has a large following of fans looking to do the same.

MoneyNing – David Ning

David Ning has been blogging about money at his site since 2007. With a decade of blogging experience at MoneyNing, David has expertise on aspects of personal finance management including budgeting, investing, and money management.

Frugal Rules – John Schmoll

John Schmoll freelanced to self-employment and has since expanded his site, Frugal Rules, into a top personal finance blog. From debt payoff to beginner investing, John can be a great resource for both personal finance and online business topics.

Well Kept Wallet – Deacon Hayes

Well Kept Wallet is a personal finance blog written by Arizona based Deacon Hayes. Deacon has been on a breakout year with noteworthy growth and a new book publishing soon. Deacon’s debt payoff story is relatable and his tips are useful. Make sure to say hello at FinCon17!

REtipster – Seth Williams

Real estate is a common way to earn part-time, and that is the focus of REtipster. If you want to add real estate to your portfolio, whether actively managed or with a passive strategy, you can find great tips from Seth at REtipster.

Listen Money Matters – Andrew Fiebert

Listen Money Matters aims to make money more exciting and less boring. This is clear from owner Andrew Fiebert in the popular Listen Money Matters blog and podcast. No matter where you are in your money journey, Listen Money Matters has useful tips to help you reach your goals.

Money Peach – Chris Peach

Chris Peach is the blogger behind cleverly named Money Peach. Chris produces a regular blog and podcast at Money Peach, plus runs a free online training live every single week. His hustle is paying off with a growing fan base. He wants you to ask yourself what life would be like if you had no debt, plenty of savings, and extra money to spend on what you love doing. If that sounds enticing, say hi to Chris at FinCon.

Physician on FIRE

Doctor by day, investor by night, Physician on FIRE is one of the most popular online destinations for doctors looking to match their money skills to their medical skills with a focus on financial independence. This anonymous blogger will be at FinCon in person. Even if you can’t spot him by looking for a white coat in the crowd, keep your eyes on the name badges to find this blogger to meet.

MoneyNomad – Robert Erich

Robert Erich helps readers leave their jobs to travel the world full-time. If you think this lifestyle is not attainable, say hi to Robert at FinCon to ask the expert directly! At MoneyNomad, Robert helps readers learn about remote jobs and self-employment strategies to see the world on a budget while paying your way working online.

Money Q&A – Hank Coleman

Money Q&A is a personal finance blog that answers personal finance questions on topics ranging from investments to budgeting and everything in between. Founder Hank Coleman owns several financial blogs and his work has been featured in major publications around the web. Hank is not just an online expert, he is a Certified Financial Planner and puts that knowledge to use helping his readers potentially master their money.

Retire Before Dad – Craig S.

Craig, founder of Retire Before Dad, is a world traveler who is trying to live the life he wants today and not wait until turning 65. In fact, his dad retired at 56 years old and wants to beat him to the punch. He now helps readers learn to build wealth and avoid debt so they can do the same.

Passive Income MD

Anesthesiologist Dr. Peter Kim puts people to sleep for a living, but his blog is anything but boring. His doctor-focused blog, Passive Income MD, is aimed at helping physicians build a passive income, including through real estate, and better manage their personal finances.

PT Money – Phillip Taylor

FinCon would not exist without Phillip “PT” Taylor, the founder of PT Money and FinCon itself. Despite his position as the conference founder and organizer, PT is friendly and accessible. Make a point to introduce yourself to PT. You’ll be glad you did.

30 More Top Bloggers to Meet at FinCon17

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