Leading RealtyShares Into Its Next Chapter

I started RealtyShares four years ago with the idea of creating a company that would make real estate more accessible, efficient, and transparent. RealtyShares has come a long way since those early days in my living room. It is now a 100-person operation and the leading platform for online real estate investing and capital formation.

None of this would have been possible without the people at RealtyShares. We’ve accomplished so much; the strategic decision to focus on the commercial middle market, our successful round of Series C financing, and the strengthening of our data science capabilities are just a few of our many accomplishments in 2017.

My primary focus has always been to best position RealtyShares for future success. RealtyShares is now at an inflection point. We’re moving from the build phase to the scale phase of our company’s lifecycle. It is for that very reason that I’ve decided to transition out of my role as CEO of RealtyShares and make way for a seasoned CEO who can scale the company and lead it into its next chapter. While we identify the best long-term CEO of RealtyShares, I have asked Ed Forst, Board Member and former CEO of Cushman and Wakefield, to serve as interim CEO and lead day-to-day operations. I will remain on the Board of Directors supporting the company as it continues on its journey to build a global marketplace for real estate investing.

The future of RealtyShares is incredibly bright. I’m grateful and humbled to be surrounded by this incredibly talented team. I look forward to watching and aiding the company in its continued growth as it transforms the real estate industry for the better.



RealtyShares is a special company. In my thirty-five year career, I have not come across an organization of this size with as much talent leading change of this magnitude. When Nav asked me to join the Board of Directors, it was the team and opportunity to change the real estate industry that inspired me to be part of this company’s journey. I am honored to take on the role of interim CEO, while Nav, the Board, and I search for our permanent CEO.

I look forward to continuing to drive Nav’s vision and supporting the culture that he built inside the company.


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