The Top 75 Real Estate Blogs

If you’ve got an interest in real estate, either as an investor, homebuyer, seller or agent, staying on top of the market is a must. Relying on the experts in the real estate blogging community for the latest updates on the industry is a good way to keep yourself in the loop.

Having a preset reading list can come in handy when you don’t have time to sift through hundreds of blogs. RealtyShares has compiled a list of 75 real estate blogs and podcasts that stand out from the crowd. We’ve grouped them here by subject matter for easy reference.

Keep in mind that when it comes to real estate investing, results aren’t guaranteed. When you invest in a property, as a flipper, landlord or developer, there’s always a certain amount of risk involved. While many of the blogs here feature real estate investing success stories, you should be aware of the potential pitfalls as you’re browsing through our reading list.

News and Trends

  1. Inman

Inman is a top-notch read for brokers, agents and investors who want to know what’s happening in the real estate industry. This site features a mix of free and premium subscriber content, with new posts rolling out daily.

Top post: 17 Things For the Wanna-be Real Estate Investor to Consider

  1. Housing Wire

Housing Wire has a firm finger on the pulse of the U.S. housing market and the mortgage lending industry. The REwired blog is updated each day with opinion, commentary and analysis of what’s happening in housing from Housing Wire’s expert team.

Top post: 5 Tips For the SFR Investor to Maximize Profit

  1. The Real Daily

The Real Daily is another housing market-centric site that’s worth a look if you’re a real estate professional. Federal housing regulations, real estate tech and property syndication are some of the topics you’ll see covered.

Top post: The Fastest Growing Housing Markets in America

  1. Miller Samuel

Miller Samuel’s Matrix blog is focused on interpreting the real estate economy moment to moment. Jonathan Miller supplies readers with a steady feed of insightful commentary on the most recent market developments.

Top post: Tracking the Flock of (Ultrawealthy) Seagulls

  1. Speaking of Real Estate

Speaking of Real Estate is the blog of REALTOR ® magazine and it touches on issues relevant to residential real estate pros. Blog content is news-oriented and it runs the gamut from emerging markets to real estate law.

Top post: Are Renters Saying There’s Market Trouble Ahead?

  1. Eye On Housing

The National Association of Home Builders is behind the Eye On Housing blog, which zeroes in on housing and economic policy. Much of what the blogging team writes about is data-driven so it’s one to read if you’re a numbers nerd.

Top post: Eye on the Economy: Builders Remain Cautiously Confident

  1. HousingViews

The purpose of HousingViews is to keep readers dialed in to what’s going on in the U.S. housing market. The blog’s contributor list includes experts like RealtyTrac Vice President Daren Blomquist and David Blitzer, Chairman of the S&P Index Committee.

Top post: Home Prices Hint at Slowdown

  1. The Notorious R.O.B.

Rob Hahn is a real estate management consultant who regularly sprinkles his musings on real estate with a generous dose of wit. He blogs about real estate news, tech and even politics on occasion and his posts are intended to be conversation-starters.

Top post: If I Ruled the World: Insane Strategery for the Real Estate Industry

  1. RISMedia

RISMedia is a one-stop source for news on buying and selling, the luxury real estate market, national trends and how consumer issues impact housing. This one’s a solid pick for brokers, agents, buyers and sellers alike.

Top post: The Ultimate Listing Strategy

  1. The Commercial Tenant Resource

Ken Ashley is the voice of The Commercial Tenant Resource and his blog is devoted to examining news, strategies and innovations within commercial real estate. If you’re a developer, investor or prospective commercial real estate buyer, considering adding this one to your reading list.

Top post: Lawyers Guns & Money: Three Things You’ll Need to Get Office Space in 2016

  1. is your online home for all things real estate and as far as subject matter goes, the site leaves virtually no stone unturned. Each day brings a round of new posts offering real estate news, along with advice on buying and selling.

Top post: The New Hot Spots Where Americans Are Moving Right Now

  1. Farmland Intelligencer

The Farmland Intelligencer blog reports on happenings in the agricultural sector and the farmland investment market. It’s a go-to read if you’re interesting in learning more about how land value is determined or how crop yields affect rent rates.

Top post: As Production Outpaces Demand, Ag Sector Outlook Grows Pessimistic

  1. The News Funnel

The News Funnel is an aggregator site that rounds up blog posts from top real estate companies and publications. You can customize the site to only see the real estate news you want to hear about most.

Top post: The Most Extravagant Vacation Homes Owned by Tech Billionaires

  1. reports on issues affecting national and local commercial real estate markets. That includes things like finance, construction, environmental topics and how they impact individual CRE sectors.

Top post: Use of Urban Space Will Be Re-Imagined, Footprints Will Shrink

  1. Urban Land Magazine

Urban Land Magazine is published by the Urban Land Institute and it tackles newsworthy issues related to land investing and development. It’s one of the premier sites for anyone who wants to expand their land market knowledge.

Top post: Could New Supply of Apartments Slow Rising Rents?


  1. Bigger Pockets

The Bigger Pockets blog is a solid wealth of information on all things related to real estate investing. Readers will find helpful posts on everything from how to get started with investing to choosing a contractor for your next flip.

Top post: 5 Ways to Start Investing in Real Estate With Just $5,000

  1. Clever Investor

Cody Sperber authors the Clever Investor blog and he brings a lighthearted touch to the very serious subject of real estate investing. He and his team of investing mentors share a common vision: to teach Clever Investor readers how to profit in real estate.

Top post: Wholesaling Basics: How to Flip a House With Little or No Money Down

  1. REItips

REItips has straightforward real estate investing advice for established and first-time investors. Blogger J.P. Moses cuts straight to the point to offer his best tips and tricks on getting ahead in real estate with no extra fluff.

Top post: Getting Deals With the Landlord Sneak Attack

  1. A Student of the Real Estate Game

Joe Stampone’s blog, A Student of the Real Estate Game, is a good starting point for any investor who’s ready to begin generating passive income from real estate.  Real estate crowdfunding and tech innovations are regular points of discussion.

Top post: Top 7 Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites for Investors

  1. REI Club

The REIClub blog proves valuable for investors who are dipping their toes into real estate for the first time. Posts are authored by industry insiders who have learned through trial and error what it takes to succeed in real estate investing.

Top post: 10 Steps I Used to Land My First Real Estate Investment Deal

  1. FortuneBuilders

FortuneBuilders educates investors who are serious about broadening the scope of their real estate business. Here, you’ll find instruction on how to vet a rental property before you buy and what to expect at a real estate auction.

Top post: 10 People You Need to Complete Your Real Estate Investment Network

  1. CRE Online

CRE Online serves up timely posts that are full of tips and advice geared towards helping real estate investors increase their profit potential. Aside from the blog, there’s also an online community where you can ask questions or discuss your favorite real estate investing techniques.

Top post: 9 Ways to Eliminate Real Estate Investing Risks

  1. The Blog of Joe Crump

Joe Crump has three decades of investing experience under his belt and he relays what he’s learned over the years on his self-titled blog. He walks investors through the finer points of finding your first property and structuring the deal so you walk away with as much profit as possible.

Top post: How Do I Make Money On a Property That Won’t Sell?

  1. Just Ask Ben Why

Ben Leybovich ventured into real estate investing with one objective in mind—to create a steady flow of passive income so he could have a more secure financial future. On his blog, Just Ask Ben Why, he expounds on how he did it and how you can too.

Top post: How Does Inflation Impact Real Estate Investing?

  1. REI 360

REI360’s co-founders Josh Weidman, Chris Haddon and Jason Balin work in tandem to connect with like-minded investors through their blog. Their goal? To impart real strategies you can use to become a better investor.

Top post: 3 Challenges Most Real Estate Investors Face

  1. The Michael Blank

Michael Blank is an entrepreneur who’s passionate about multi-unit property investing. His blog is all about finding success on a large scale through apartment building investments, something he’s proven himself to be very adept at.

Top post: How to Succeed In Real Estate—One Small Win at a Time

  1. The Bawld Guy

Real estate investing through purposeful planning is the central refrain of the The Bawld Guy Jeff Brown’s blog. When you sign up for a free account, you’ll get access to videos, interviews and more to help you hone your investing activities.

Top post: Property Types and Markets

  1. Flipping Junkie

The Flipping Junkie blog is where blogger Danny Johnson mentors investors to achieve their real estate dreams. He offers step-by-step advice on how to become a pro at house flipping so you can ditch your day job for good.

Top post: How I Escaped My Job and Became My Own Boss Flipping Houses For a Living

  1. 1-2-3 Flip

1-2-3 Flip is another blog that tackles the subject of house flipping. Blogger J Scott started the site to track his earnings from his flipping adventures and to date, he’s raked in more than $1 million in earnings on his first 50 flips.

Top post: Building Your Balance Sheet

  1. Flip This Wholesaler

Steph Davis began her real estate investing career as a landlord but now she’s got her feet firmly planted on the wholesaling side of things. Flip This Wholesaler is where she chronicles her successes and teaches other investors to follow her lead.

Top post: Wholesaling Houses in 2016: Tips For Your Success

  1. REtipster

REtipster provides real-world guidance for part-time real estate investors who want to avoid the usual hassles and make real money from their investments. Site founder Seth Williams outlines what steps are necessary to build tangible wealth through real estate passively.

Top post: The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Rental Properties

  1. LandThink

LandThink is an authority site that caters to investors who are interested in land deals. Timberland investments, farmland investments and land REITS are just a few of the things LandThink’s contributors are knowledgeable about.

Top post:  Questions First-Time Land Buyers Need to Ask

  1. The Land Geek

The Land Geek is a combination blog and podcast series that includes interviews with well-known real estate investing pros. Mark Podolsky, aka “The Land Geek” explains how to put your wealth-building plan on autopilot through land investments.

Top post: Maximizing the Best Passive Income Model

  1. Adventures in Mobile Homes

Adventures in Mobile Homes is a primer on how to move into the business of mobile home investing. Blogger Rachel Hernandez shares her best tips for starting out as a beginner and what mistakes newbies should avoid.

Top post: How to Get Started Investing in Mobile Homes

  1. Mobile Home Investing

John Fedro took began investing in mobile homes in 2002 and his blog, Mobile Home Investing,  is a transparent look at what it takes to earn a real income in this niche.  He also hosts a regular podcast series on mobile home investing lessons.

Top post: Inspecting a Used Mobile Home: What to Look For?

  1. CRE Outsider

If you’re a commercial real estate investor who’s interested in how tech is shaping the market, CRE Outsider is written with you in mind. Consultant Chris Clark is an expert in the tech and commercial real estate arena, which is reflected in the blog’s stellar content.

Top post: Is CRE Looking at Mobile the Right Way?

  1. ApartmentVestors

ApartmentVestors specializes in investment education and consulting for high-net worth investors who have an interest in multi-family apartment buildings. The ApartmentVestors blog connects to their target audience through informative posts on commercial investing.

Top post: Three Key Investment Real Estate Metrics You Must Track for Success

  1. Afford Anything

Paula Pant began investing in real estate in her 20s and it’s now become her full-time career.  Her blog, Afford Anything, is a roadmap of sorts for creating sustainable income from property investments.

Top post: Why the 1% Rule Matters (When Buying a Rental)

  1. Invest Four More

If you want to become financially free through real estate, Invest Four More is a blog you may want to read. Site founder Mark Ferguson has set some lofty goals for himself as an investor and he coaches others on how to become real estate moguls.

Top post: When Should a Real Estate Investor Get an Agent or Broker’s License?

  1. Real Estate In Your Twenties

Blogger Brandon Turner is the Senior Editor at Bigger Pockets but he’s carved out his own blogging space with Real Estate In Your Twenties. He writes about practically every facet of real estate investing, from how to pick your first property to understanding cap rates.

Top post: 4 Powerful Ways Real Estate Can Make You a Millionaire

  1. SmarterLandlording

Kevin Perk has spent over a decade learning the ropes of how to be an effective landlord. That experience shapes the content on Smarter Landlording, his advice blog for investors who want to wade into owning rental properties.

Top post: My Tenant Said What?!?

  1. Hassle-Free Cashflow Investing

Hassle-Free Cashflow Investing is the blog of founder and investment strategist David Campbell. His company helps private investors buy mortgage notes and the blog outlines the dos and don’ts of smart investing.

Top post: How to Predict Real Estate Prices

  1. Epic Real Estate

Matt Theriault is a former Marine-turned real estate professional and Epic Real Estate is a compendium of blog posts, podcasts and infographics on property investing. His site is a useful read for both new and seasoned investors.

Top post: Demystifying the 7 Myths of Closing Your First Deal

  1. RealtyShares

The RealtyShares blog is where we talk about real estate crowdfunding, commercial real estate and everything in-between. If you’re curious about how real estate crowdfunding works or what to watch out for when flipping a home, our blog is a must-read.

Top post: The Fed, Interest Rates and Real Estate

Local Markets

  1. Curbed NY

The New York section of Curbed has story after story on real estate happenings in the Big Apple. Posts alternate between finance-focused stories to lighter reads that highlight the best of NYC living.

Top post: New York City Rent Comparison: What $1,750 Gets You Right Now

  1. StreetEasy

StreetEasy is another online resource for news related to NYC real estate. The blog publishes regular market reports as well as posts on celebrity real estate news.

Top post: What is a Flip Tax?

  1. Inside San Francisco Real Estate

San Francisco’s real estate market has exploded in recent years and both residential and commercial properties are in demand. Inside San Francisco Real Estate includes insights on what’s next for Bay Area real estate.

Top post: It’s Up From Here For Interest Rates

  1. The Bates Real Estate Report

David Bates is a top Boston real estate agent and The Bates Real Estate Report regularly takes the temperature of the local market. He talks both commercial and residential Boston real estate.

Top post: What Chic Looks Like In Boston Real Estate

  1. Denver Real Estate Watch

If you want to know what’s moving and shaking in the Mile High City’s real estate market, Denver Real Estate Watch is a worthy read. Among other things, this blog covers tech, national and local real estate news.

Top post: Attainable Homes Challenge Builders

  1. The Turner Team Blog

The Turner Team operates out of Portland and their blog is a required read if you’re planning to buy or sell a home in the area. Financing, investing and new construction are some of the blogging team’s favorite talking points.

Top post: How Much Are Home Inspections Going to Cost You?

  1. Seattle Bubble

Seattle Bubble covers moves in the Seattle real estate market. If you like to have lots of numbers to back up the commentary you’re reading, this blog doesn’t disappoint.

Top post: No, Seattle Affordability Is Not “Pretty Much Game Over”

  1. OC Housing News

Orange County real estate is the subject of the OC Housing News blog. Specifically, this blog is where you’ll find a thorough examination of the OC’s residential market.

Top post: Homeownership is No Longer the American Dream

  1. Dream Town

Dream Town’s blog covers the Chicago real estate market, with a focus on housing. If you need to buy or sell a home in the Windy City, you can head here for guidance on how to seal the deal.

Top post: Why Own Rental Property?

  1. Crossland Team Blog

The Crossland Team helps buyers and sellers in the Austin, TX area prepare to meet the market. Their blog has all the latest on what’s new with residential real estate around the city.

Top post: Should You Keep Your Austin Rental Home or Sell?

Tech and Marketing

  1. Geek Estate

Geek Estate delivers resources for real estate professionals who want to become more adroit at using tech to grow their business. If you want to learn how to improve your search engine rankings or which smartphone apps you should be using, the answers are right here.

Top post: Will Crowd Sourced Home Estimates Catch On?

  1. Jason Fox

Being a savvy marketer is a must if you’re an agent and the Jason Fox blog details the ins and outs of how to effectively shape your marketing approach. You’ll also find tips on staging, lead generation and building your business website.

Top post: How to Get More Eyes On Your Listing

  1. Eight11

Eight11 features technology reviews and strategic marketing advice for real estate agents and brokers. The goal is to help real estate professionals get the best return possible on the time, money and effort they invest in growing their business.

Top post: How Much Should You Invest In Your Brand?

  1. 1000watt

The team at 1000watt works with real estate companies to help them establish their brand, map out their content strategy and fine tune their marketing campaigns. The 1000watt blog covers all of those things and much more.

Top post: The Opposite of Disruption

  1. Maximum Real Estate Exposure

Bill Gassett is a 29-year veteran of the real estate industry and one of his passions is helping sellers market their homes more effectively. His blog, Maximum Real Estate Exposure, is a comprehensive guide to making your home more appealing to buyers.

Top post: Summer Home Selling Tips

  1. Real Estate Tomato

The Real Estate Tomato blog is aimed at educating, encouraging and entertaining real estate professionals who want to supercharge their marketing expertise. The blog includes posts on social media, lead generation, website design and how to increase your real estate blogging skills.

Top post: Large Images Are Killing Your Real Estate Website

  1. Marketing Ideas for Agents

Jennifer Snyder is a self-described digital marketing maven and Marketing Ideas for Agents is where she teaches agents to revolutionize the way they approach their business. Aside from a bevy of actionable blog posts, she also provides free reports, online courses and one-on-one coaching for interested agents.

Top post: 10 Reasons Why Email Marketing Beats Social Media

  1. Properties Online

Properties Online is a collection of posts on real estate marketing, mobile technology, social media and industry news. This one’s deserving of a spot in your reading queue if you need some ideas on how to revamp your marketing technique.

Top post: Real Estate Agents: How to Get Started With a Virtual Assistant

  1. Real Estate Marketing Blog

Whether you’re just getting started as an agent or you’ve closed hundreds of deals, the Real Estate Marketing Blog is designed with you in mind. This blog is authored by real estate professionals who know firsthand what works and what doesn’t for selling your business.

Top post: Real Estate Link Building With Pinterest

  1. Agent Image

Agent Image aids real estate agents in building high-quality websites and the Agent Image blog has the answers to your marketing questions. Tech pointers, analysis of the newest trends and creative motivation are examples of what you can read about.

Top post: 4 Questions to Help Drive Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy


  1. Rental Rookie

As the name suggests, Rental Rookie is geared towards investors who are still in the baby step stage of learning how to manage rental properties. The husband and wife duo behind the blog answer all your burning investing questions through a regular podcast.

Top podcast: 3 Ways to Finance Multi-Family Properties

  1. Joe Fairless

Joe Fairless has built a $7 million real estate business and he’s committed to helping investors learn how to achieve a similar feat. His podcast, the Best Ever Show, showcases interviews with real estate pros who serve up their best advice, without all the fluff.

Top podcast: How He Flipped 80 Properties and Lost $1.5 MM in Two Years

  1. Real Estate Investing Mastery

Joe McCall is the voice and brains behind the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast series and he chats about wholesaling, lead generation and networking among other things. He’s got lots of valuable tips for real estate investors who want to take things to the next level.

Top podcast: Social Media for Real Estate Investors

  1. Real Estate Realities With “The Rebel Broker”

Robert Whitelaw is a real estate broker and Realtor® who knows a thing or two about buying and selling. You can tune in to his Real Estate Realities podcast to get his unique perspective on where the housing market is and where’s it headed.

Top podcast: Are Homeowners Scared of This Market?

69.The Commercial Real Estate Show

Each week, commercial real estate advisor Michael Bull is joined by an industry expert to talk shop on his podcast, The Commercial Real Estate Show. His guests are respected thought leaders who are ready to dish out market and business intel.

Top podcast: Tips for Multifamily Investors

  1. Real Estate Today

Real Estate Today is presented by the National Association of REALTORS® and it’s a great listen for buyers and sellers who want the 411 on the real estate market. Each week’s show takes a deep dive into a specific housing-related topic.

Top podcast: Five Things You Must Do After the House Is Sold

  1. BiggerPockets

We’ve already mentioned the blog but the BiggerPockets podcast, hosted by Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner, also rates a spot on our list. Novice and more experienced real estate investors can wrap their ears around educational content and expert interviews with the best in the biz.

Top podcast: How to Close 100+ Deals In Your First 18 Months

  1. Spouses Flipping Houses

Doug and Andrea Van Soest are the husband and wife team behind  Spouses Flipping Houses. Together, they’ve flipped over 200 properties and their podcast gives listeners an inside look at what it takes to win at the flipping game.

Top podcast: Sold!! Two Approaches to Selling Your Wholesale Deals

  1. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

The Real Estate Guys have been on the air for newly two decades and hosts Robert Helms and Russell Gray never get tired of talking about real estate investing. Their show is all about educating investors in a way that’s entertaining and easy to digest.

Top podcast: Ask the Guys: Markets, Mentors and Kissing Frogs

  1. Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow With Kevin Bupp

Kevin Bupp specializes in multifamily and mobile home investments and his podcast series draws directly on his own investing experiences. He shares his vision on how to fine-tune your investment strategy to leverage bigger returns.

Top podcast: How to Land Your First Multifamily Deal By Making Just 1 Phone Call Per Day

  1. The Real Estate Preacher

Randy Lawrence is the Real Estate Preacher and his mission is helping people transform their lives through real estate investing. His podcast is part information, part inspiration and thriving in real estate is a common theme.

Top podcast: The Fortune Is In The Follow-up

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