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Top 60 Real Estate Investing Blogs For 2016

real estate investing blogs

The Internet is full of blogs dedicated to the topic of real estate investing and its various niches. Some of them feature commentary on the latest news and trends in the real estate industry while others break down the finer points of property investing from A to Z.

RealtyShares decided to scour the web to track down real estate investing’s most insightful bloggers. Specifically, we’re looking for blogs that offer a steady stream of useful information for investors who are serious about building a profitable real estate portfolio.

After some intensive research, we’ve rounded them up and sorted them into groups based on their main focus. Whether you’re diving into real estate investing for the first time or you’re a pro at picking properties, these are the blogs you should be bookmarking in 2016.


The best real estate investing blogs for beginners


  1. BiggerPockets

The BiggerPockets blog is the to-go spot for all things real estate and investors will find a wealth of solid information at their fingertips. The blog is packed with helpful posts on everything from how to be a more effective landlord to what new investors need to know about the finer points of house flipping.

  1. Clever Investor

Cody Sperber is the voice behind the Clever Investor blog and he, along with his team of investing mentors, manage to put a comedic spin on even the most cut-and-dried real estate topics. The blog is part-education, part-entertainment and it belongs on the reading list of anyone who wants to become a successful real estate investor.

  1. Achieve Financial Independence

Eric Bowlin started investing in 2009 at the height of the recession. He completely replaced his income in 2015 and quit the workforce. His blog is about achieving financial independence through real estate, and he covers everything from getting started in real estate to automating your business and retiring.

  1. Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog

Based in Louisville, KY, Sharon Vornholt has been investing in real estate since 1998 and she’s all about helping other investors gain financial freedom. The Louisville Gals Real Estate blog is an all-in-one guide to getting started in real estate investing.

  1. REItips

J.P. Moses is a self-professed Average Joe who’s climbed the ranks of real estate investing one rung at a time. His desire to help others achieve the same kind of success he’s experienced is what drives REItips, a no-fluff, no-nonsense blog for established and first-time investors.

  1. Rock Star Inner Circle

Brothers Tom and Nick Karadza plunged into real estate investing in 2008, when they formed Rock Star Real Estate, Inc, a Canadian brokerage firm. Rock Star Inner Circle is where they coach new and seasoned investors alike on how to perfect their real estate investing strategy.

  1. A Student of the Real Estate Game

When he’s not handling his duties as VP of Investments for Atlas Real Estate Partners, Joe Stampone is schooling newbie investors on his blog, A Student of the Real Estate Game. He covers everything from how to get started with real estate crowdfunding to launching a sustainable career in real estate.

  1. The Real Estate Guys

The Real Estate Guys is a combination radio show and blog run by investment pros Robert Helms and Russell Gray. Each post is essentially an in-depth conversation on a different real estate topic and investors can chime in by asking questions, which are answered on-air, on the blog or in The Real Estate Guys’ newsletter.

  1. REI Club

The REIClub blog covers a laundry list of topics and it’s a great resource for investors who are foraying into real estate for the first time. Aside from the blog, the site also features a library of over 1,000 articles and more than 400 videos on real estate investing.

  1. Property M.O.B.

Property M.O.B. is a membership site that features a community of “mobsters” whose common interest is real estate investing. While there’s a fee to join, it doesn’t cost a dime to check out the blog, which features plenty of tips and advice for investors who are taking the first step on the path to becoming “property gangsters”.

  1. FortuneBuilders

Educating investors is the order of the day at FortuneBuilders. For investors who are serious about growing their real estate business, there’s no better place to learn about the ins and outs of building a property empire.


The best real estate investing blogs for established investors


  1. Revestor

Revestor’s patent pending search engine is changing the way investors track down properties based on cap rate or cash flow. The Revestor blog features updates on the latest industry trends, investing tips and interviews with real estate’s movers and shakers.

  1. Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine

Personal Real Estate Investor is primarily a print magazine but there’s plenty of great reading to be found on the online version. The magazine’s team of expert bloggers regularly creates compelling content for its audience of savvy real estate investors.

  1. Joe Fairless

Joe Fairless made the switch to real estate investing full-time in 2012 and just a few years later he controls over $21 million worth of real estate. His podcast series outlines what steps he took to get there and what investors can do to push their real estate business to the next level.

  1. The Blog of Joe Crump

With three decades of experience to his credit, Joe Crump is nothing short of a real estate investing guru. His self-titled blog is a treasure trove for serious investors who have their fingers on the pulse of the real estate market.

  1. Just Ask Ben Why

Ben Leybovich got into real estate investing with the goal of creating a steady monthly cash flow of passive income. He’s since reached that goal and then some and he educates other investors on how to follow in his footsteps at

  1. Jeff Adams

Jeff Adams is a leader in real estate investing education and he uses his blog to spread that knowledge to success-minded investors. He takes a practical approach to helping his audience find real estate investments.

  1. REI 360

REI360’s goal is to be the web’s number one resource for all things related to real estate investing. Co-founders Josh Weidman, Chris Haddon and Jason Balin team up to connect with investors through the REI360 blog, as well as regular podcasts, video training and private coaching.

  1. The Michael Blank

Michael Blank is a master of multi-unit property investing and his passion is helping real estate investors become better entrepreneurs. His blog is all about taking small steps to achieve real estate success with multi-unit investments.

  1. The Bawld Guy

Jeff Brown draws on over 35 years of real estate experience to provide consulting advice on real estate investments. Investors who register for free access to The Bawld Guy can unlock videos, interviews and other tools to help them purposefully plan their real estate strategy.

  1. Pine Financial Group

Pine Financial Group serves real estate investors in Washington, D.C., Colorado and Minnesota and their primary niche is lending money for rehab projects. The Pine Financial Group blog has the full rundown on everything investors need to know about financing fix and flip deals.

  1. RealtyShares

We couldn’t create a list of the top real estate investing blogs without including a nod to our own. While the number one focus at RealtyShares is on real estate crowdfunding, we cover everything from REO properties to bridge financing and everything in-between.


The best blogs for flippers and rehabbers


  1. It’s Great to Be Home

When powerhouse couple Liz and Jason Haynsworth aren’t busy closing deals at their company, Haynsworth Realty, they’re blogging about their adventures in house flipping at It’s Great to Be Home. In addition to having 10 flips under their belt, they’ve also expanded their investment portfolio with a duo of rental properties.

  1. Flipping Junkie

Danny Johnson is the mastermind behind the Flipping Junkie blog and he’s a prime example of how it’s possible to go from working a regular day-job to living out your real estate investing dreams. If you’re looking for step-by-step advice on how to jumpstart a house-flipping enterprise, you’ve come to the right place.

  1. 1-2-3 Flip

1-2-3 Flip is a must-read for real estate investors who are committed to upping their house-flipping game. Blogger J Scott has raked in more than $1 million in earnings on his first 50 flips and investors can see all the details—complete with before and after pictures and a financial breakdown—right here.

  1. House Flipping School

Investors who are clueless about where to get started with flipping need to make a beeline for House Flipping School. Mike LaCava breaks down the finer points of house flipping as an investment strategy to help investors close their first house flip like a pro.

  1. House Flipping HQ

Justin Williams is a professional flipper whose goal is helping investors achieve maximum success and his blog, House Flipping HQ, is a primer on how to do just that. After checking out the latest post, investors can sign up for coaching, view a seminar or tune in to the weekly podcast series, which features advice from other top flippers.

  1. Alpha Home Flipping

If you’re interested in learning more about the wholesale side of flipping, blogger Nick Ruiz is ready to guide the way. His site, Alpha Home Flipping, features regular blog posts along with other useful tools, including a members-only online forum and a paid training program for investors who want to focus exclusively on wholesaling.

  1. Flip This Wholesaler

Steph Davis got her start in real estate investing as a landlord but after some bumps in the road, she eventually moved into wholesaling. At Flip This Wholesaler, she chronicles her journey from rags to riches in real estate and answers all the questions beginning investors may have about wholesale investments.

  1. Jennifer Buys Houses

Jennifer Buys Houses is run by Jennifer Schenbaum, a full-time investor who specializes in buying and flipping houses in the L.A. area. She’s an old hand at buying fixer-uppers and her blog is a great read for would-be rehabbers.

  1. First Time House Flipping

Jane Nicoletti is a rehabbing maven and she knows all there is to know about making money as a house-flipper. First Time House Flipping is a complete how-to guide for rehab investments.

  1. Rehabber Pro

Rehabber Pro is an online community for investors who are looking for the inside track on how to be better rehabbers. Experts Michael Moreno and Marcus Hairston chime in with tips on how to get the most value out of rehab projects.

  1. Rehab Financial Group

As a rehab lender, Rehab Financial Group understands how important it is for investors to get the most out of their fix and flip ventures. Take a look at the blog to find out how to draft a house flipping business plan or build credit to obtain a flip loan.

  1. RentPost

RentPost helps property owners streamline the management of their rental units so they can stay focused on profits. The RentPost blogging team offers updates on the current state of the rental market along with advice on how to take the first step towards becoming a real estate investor.


The best blogs for land investors


  1. REtipster

There are plenty of good reasons to consider investing in land and blogger Seth Williams wants to tell you all about it. REtipster is an excellent resource for any investor who’s thinking of adding land to their real estate holdings.

  1. LandThink

LandThink is an authority site for investors whose interests lie in land deals. The focus here is on primarily on timberland investments, including things like timber REITs but LandThink’s expert contributors are also well-versed in the finer points of farmland investing.

  1. ROI Land Investments

ROI Land Investments, Ltd. is first and foremost a land development company and one of its goals is educating real estate investors on this underutilized segment of the market. The ROI Land Investments blog is a great place to learn more about the pros and cons of land investments.

  1. The Land Geek

The Land Geek is a blog/podcast series featuring interviews with real estate investing pros. Investors who are looking for something a little more in-depth can check out the Land Geek training modules to learn how to polish their land investing skills.

  1. LandHub

Finding land to invest in can be a tricky business but LandHub attempts to make it easier through its property listing platform. The LandHub blog covers everything from investing in land through crowdfunding to starting a hobby farm for profit.


The Best Blogs for Mobile Home Investors


  1. Mobile Home with Land Investing

Aaron Kinney is a relative newcomer to mobile home investing but he’s already established a name for himself in the blogosphere. His blog, Mobile Home with Land Investing, spells out why investors should consider mobile homes as a way to grow their investment dollars.

  1. Adventures in Mobile Homes

Adventures in Mobile Homes details Rachel Hernandez’s experiences of moving out of the landlord business and into mobile home investing. She dishes up advice on how to break into mobile home investments and what mistakes new investors need to avoid.

  1. Mobile Home Investing

John Fedro took on his first investment property in 2002 and he’s learned some valuable lessons about mobile home investing over the years. He shares them on, an authority site that caters exclusively to manufactured home investors.

  1. Park Street Partners

Park Street Partners focuses on mobile home park investment opportunities and co-founders Jefferson Lilly and Brad Johnson have a track record of success. The Park Street Partners blog covers real estate syndication and the most important missteps mobile home park investors should steer clear of.


The Best Blogs for Commercial Real Estate Investing


  1. CRE Online

CRE Online keeps readers updated on the latest real estate trends while delivering a steady dose of tips and advice to help investors hone their skills. This one’s a good pick for investors who want to learn to build wealth through real estate investments.

  1. CRE Outsider

Technology has become a major disruptor in the real estate industry and that’s the number one topic at CRE Outsider. Blogger Chris Clark tackles how innovation is reshaping the commercial real estate investing market.

  1. ApartmentVestors

The team of principals behind ApartmentVestors is focused on investing in multi-family properties in major cities in the Midwest. The ApartmentVestors blog offers up strategies to help multi-unit investors minimize risk.

  1. National Real Estate Investor

National Real Estate Investor has all the latest on the commercial real estate industry. If you’re wondering which commercial properties are potentially good investments for 2016, you’ll want to stop by and take a look.

  1. The Broker List

The Broker List is required reading for any investor who has an interest in commercial real estate. The blog’s contributor list reads like a who’s who in the CRE industry and this is hands-down one of the best blogs around for new and experienced commercial real estate investors.

  1. CompStak

CompStak puts a fresh spin on commercial real estate but they do more than just offer deal-level data on property pricing. Investors who are curious about how many footlongs it takes for Subway to pay the rent, for example, can find the answer on the CompStak blog.

  1. Commercial Real Estate Show

Michael Bull is the host of the Commercial Real Estate Show and after tuning in to just one episode, it’s easy to get hooked. Listeners are treated to everything from a primer on commercial real estate investments to predictions on where the industry is headed next.

  1. PropertyMetrics

PropertyMetrics is a real estate software program that allows investors to build a proforma for commercial properties. If you need to brush up on how mezzanine financing works or what to expect during the commercial real estate closing process, the PropertyMetrics blog can fill you in.


The Best Blogs for Rental Property Investors


  1. Afford Anything

Paula Pant is a wunderkind in the rental investing arena. She began snapping up properties in her 20s and less than a decade later she’s bringing in a full-time income from her multiple rental investments. Her blog, Afford Anything, breaks down what it takes to go from a regular 9 to 5 to the landlord lifestyle.

  1. Invest Four More

Invest Four More’s tagline is helping investors “become financially free through real estate”. For site founder Mark Ferguson, investing in rental properties has  been one of the best ways to do that. With a goal of purchasing 100 rental properties by 2023, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking for expert advice on how to build a rental empire you’ll find it here.

  1. Real Estate In Your Twenties

Blogger Brandon Turner developed Real Estate In Your Twenties as a platform for sharing his tips, tricks and “hacks” for investors who have an eye on the rental market. Each week, he hosts a free webinar at Bigger Pockets with even more strategies for succeeding as a real estate investor.

  1. Dwell Finance Blog

Dwell Finance offers financing solutions for investors whose bread and butter is single-family investment properties. The Dwell Finance blog runs the gamut on all things in the rental sphere to help investors avoid pitfalls.

  1. Landlordology

Created by landlording veteran Lucas Hall, Landlordology breaks down the finer points of rental property investing. For investors who want to find out how to attract higher paying tenants or what should be included in a lease agreement this blog is an invaluable asset.

  1. SmarterLandlording

With over a decade of experience in real estate investing, Kevin Perk has learned first-hand what it takes to be a landlord. SmarterLandlording is a recommended read for new landlords who are just getting started.

  1. Rental Rookie

Rental Rookie is another real estate blog that’s geared towards investors who are interested in rental properties but aren’t sure where to begin. Husband and wife investing team Kirk and Emily share their tips and answer questions in a regular podcast series.

  1. Active Renter

Active Renter Property Manager connects investors with rental properties and offers property management services for property owners in Maricopa County, AZ. The Rent-it-Blog is loaded with practical tips to help landlords keep their rentals running smoothly.

  1. B2R Finance

Last but not least is B2R Finance, which offers financing options to investors who want to purchase residential rental properties. Some of the topics covered on the blog include how homeowners’ associations can impact rental investment returns and what investors should know about hiring a real estate coach.

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